Ayurvedic Remedies to Stop Hair fall and Grow New Hair

There are many reasons for hair-fall. It could be stress and lifestyle choices (like smoking). Or it can also be due to pollution, hormonal issues, thyroid imbalance, some drugs, and illness.

As per Ayurveda hair-fall is caused by too much Pitta dosha. You should know that this ancient system of medicine says that there are three doshas and there are five elements that build our bodies. Of the three doshas, Pitta governs the metabolism and digestion. Too much Pitta can throw your hormones out of whack and make your hair fall. “Pitta” roughly translates as “fire”. Too much of it might be due to a hot climate, spicy food, sour or salty food, hot or greasy food, alcohol, coffee, and meats.

The first step to reduce hair fall then, according to Ayurveda, is to cut out the things in your diet and lifestyle that increase Pitta dosha. Only then you should expect the herbal treatments and remedies to work.

Here’s how you can balance Pitta.

●    Follow a Daily Routine


Ayurveda recommends living a life according to ‘Dinacharya’ rules. You should organize your day around the rising and setting of the sun. An ideal routine will be to wake up early, exercise, keep good hygiene, plan your meals and sleep around the cycles of nature. As rightly put on vedix.com, Ayurveda is not just about curing illnesses, but also a lifestyle that prevents the occurrence of illnesses.

For balancing Pitta, waking up in the early hours (between 3 am and 6 am) is important. Then you can enjoy the serenity of the pre-sunrise hours for some self-care. After your regular bathroom ritual and only after brushing your teeth, drink a glass of warm water to cleanse the gut. Massage your gums, splash cold water in your eyes, and spend some time in meditation, prayer, pranayama or quiet reflection. This will prepare you to take on the day with lower stress.

●    The Right Exercise

Ayurveda recommends different types and intensities of exercises for different imbalances. One thing to remember is, you should exercise only upto fifty percent of your capacity. Exercise only until you break a sweat under your arms, on your forehead and along your spine. To balance Pitta, you should try moderate exercises like biking, swimming, and hiking.

●    Ayurvedic Oil Massage


The ‘Abhyanga’ is an ancient practice of massaging yourself to calm your nerves and improve blood flow. Try it every morning before your shower. Use oils that balance pitta like castor oil, coconut oil, organic sunflower oil, ghee or olive oil. Pay special attention to the ears, feet and nostrils. This will provide you a light, nourishing and cooling effect. You can also massage some coconut or olive oil into your scalp three times a week for better blood flow. Use a mild Ayurvedic shampoo afterwards. 

●    Ayurvedic Diet Changes

What we eat have a negative and positive effect on the body. The world’s oldest medical system says, foods that are bitter, sweet and astringent will help you in reducing Pitta.

  • Avoid sour foods and eat lots of fruits and raw salads.
  • Eat less of eggs, seafood and meat, as well as spicy foods, alcohol and coffee.
  • Limit how much lentils and legumes you eat.
  • Apples, ghee, ripe grapes, plum, melon, cabbage, leafy greens, cauliflower, cucumber and bell peppers are all good for you.

    You can also take the herbal supplement shatavari. This herb is a relative of asparagus, and it’s often (wrongly) confused with the green spears that you’ll find in gourmet stores. By the way, the gourmet asparagus is also good for balancing pitta. Chyavanprasam is another herbal mix that may help control your hair-fall.

●    Hair-cleaning Routine to stop hair fall


Try to use a natural shampoo to clean your hair. Amla and shikakai together make a good anti-hairfall shampoo. After your hair is washed, rub your scalp gently for a few minutes to stimulate the follicles. Be gentle with wet hair so it doesn’t break. Soak a few pods of Amla, 5-6 pods of Reetha and 6-7 pieces of shikakai overnight. In the morning, just bring to boil, cool and then blend. Strain the mixture and use as shampoo. Your hair may get tangled when you use this shampoo, but don’t be aggressive when drying. Afterwards, your hair will be stronger and healthier.

●    Kitchen remedies to stop hair fall

Ayurveda also suggests a few vegetable remedies for hair-loss and bald patches:

  • Juice a bunch of lettuce and carrot or lettuce and spinach to drink.
  • Wash your hair with ‘methi and cooked green gram paste’ twice a week.
  • Apply the juice of coriander leaves to your hair before you wash.
  • Soak methi seeds in coconut oil, keep it in the sun for a week, and then apply on the scalp.

●    Introduce Routine in Work, Meals & Adequate Rest

If your Pitta is high, you may be restless and have a high sense of ambition. To counter this restlessness, you must get the rest you need. When you do that, you will make better decisions and experience less stress. Slowing down and keeping a consistent work schedule as far as possible will also help you gain a deeper sense of calm. Following a consistent time for dinner – ideally an early dinner – will give your body at least two to three hours before bedtime. You may want to eat a lighter dinner as well, which will help you in supporting a healthy sleep pattern.

●    Detoxify with Triphala to stop hair fall


The Ayurvedic mixture of three fruits, or Triphala, is good for balancing the doshas. It cleanses the digestive tracts, and nourishes and replenishes tissues. The fruits in Triphala are Amla, bibhitaki and haritaki. Triphala churan is best taken half an hour before bed. You need to steep it in a cup of freshly boiled water.

●    Maintain a Bedtime Routine

Let your bedtime involve a routine. The point is to tell your body that it needs to wind down and sleep now. Your routine could involve brushing your teeth, applying oil to your feet, washing your face, and any other activity that soothes you.

Follow the routines and home remedies above for a new lease of life for your hair. Ayurveda is both a lifestyle and an herbal system of medicine. So following just the diet or some remedies won’t give you the full benefit of its excellence, in case you don’t follow the recommended lifestyle. You can also read: Stop your Hair Fall Naturally – 7 Effective Solutions.

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