Coloring Your Hair At Home: 7 Steps to Make It Look like A Hairdresser

Coloring your hair at home alone and with good results is possible. It is more convenient to go to the hairdresser, but it is also more expensive and time consuming. So if you have never done it, we are going to convince you to give it a try, at least once. The dyes that the market offers for coloring at home are very simple to use will not stain much. Some coloring kits include a comb or a brush as well to make the entire process easier to distribute the product throughout the hair.

So yes: it is time to take advantage of all the aesthetic advances and high technology in hair coloring formulas, and dare to try and “play” at home. But always, always and always keep in mind these 7 fundamental steps recommended by experts:

1.    Choose the type of hair color

We repeat: If you are going to do it at home and you want to try new colors and trends, semi-permanent and washout dyes are your allies. They will help you change the color of your hair for a few weeks and will fade with washes. One of the leading firms in this type of products is L’Oréal Paris, which in the last season has revolutionized the color market with its Colorista range. On one hand, they have a washout range, products with a gel texture that last between two to three washes and on the other side is their entire hair makeup range. In other words, hair makeup range products take 10 minutes to apply and go away with the first wash.

2.    Choosing the right tone


The first thing to keep in mind if you opt for the striking pinks or violets is that they will only work on blonde or bleached hair. If that is not the case for you, it is best to visit a professional before risking spoiling your hair. To create flattering ombré highlights, you should choose a color that is; at most, two tones lighter or darker than the current one.

3.    Before coloring your hair, keep the following things in mind

It is better if the hair is not washed for 1 or 2 days because this way you do not remove the natural oils from the scalp that act as a protective barrier. It is even a good idea to apply a mask a day before so that the hair is more protected.

4.    Be prepared before coloring your hair

  • Towels that can get stained: you will have to handle objects during the process and you will need to have them on hand.
  • A t-shirt that can be damaged: the normal thing is that traces of dye do fall on your shoulders. Also, afterward, you will have to wash your head and remove the shirt through the dyed hair.
  • Vaseline, to cover the entire contour of your hair (also the ears) and prevent them from coloring.
  • Gloves: better if they are kitchen gloves instead of the plastic ones that come in the dye boxes.
  • Stopwatch: application time is important.
  • Brush and container to make the mixture.
  • Hair clips, to divide it into sections when dyeing.

5.    Check instructions before hair coloring

coloring your hair process

  • Make sure you read the instructions for the dye you bought at hand. Follow them because they are reliable and indicates the precautions you should take and the time required for your hair or how to apply the dye.
  • What is the tone you are looking for: choose a section of the lower part of your hair and apply the dye before the rest of the hair. Go out and see if you like the effect under natural light before continuing.
  • While applying it, try not to stain your scalp.

6.    Wash with cold water

After you have finished, try as much as possible to wash your hair with warm or cold water. Its effect will seal the cuticle and make the color settle and last longer.

7.    Caring for colored hair

From now on, your hair will need a little more attention and care. Use specific shampoos and conditioners so that the color does not change. Apply a mask once a week to hydrate. Repeat the process when necessary if the change has convinced you!

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Coloring Your Hair

Dye at home, yes, but with professional results, even if we are newbies. All this is what you should NOT do, the 6 mistakes you should avoid when coloring your hair at home.

tips and mistakes hair coloring

Mistakes to Avoid #1: Not getting an allergy test before

You should have a test to see if your skin is reactive to the dye. Although they are becoming more natural. Though, many do not contain ammonia nowadays, you might have hypersensitivity to some other ingredient. Apply a little dye behind your ear (here you are more likely not to touch yourself) and let it work for a day. If there are no irritations or redness, you can use the dye. You can also take other protective measures as well before coloring your hair.

Mistakes to Avoid #2: Choose a colored bath because it will go with the washes

Many women, who do not dare to dye their hair with a permanent dye, choose a color bath thinking that it will go away after 3 or 4 washes. But this is not the case, the color can be diluted, but the roots will still appear after 3-4 weeks. And this is so, because the color bath also contains hydrogen peroxide (which helps in activating the color), even if it is weak. It may appear under the name of developer or emulsion, but it is hydrogen peroxide after all. Only vegetable dyes (sold as a single product, without hydrogen peroxide to mix) go away after 6-8 washes.

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Mistakes to Avoid #3: Apply the dye from roots to ends from the beginning

Many women are surprised that always using the same color of the dye, they see their hair darker, especially the ends. And that’s because they are applying the dye all over their hair whereas they should only be doing it at the roots. Think that the ends of the hair are the most porous area and that is where more pigment is absorbed. The best solution is that when there are 5 minutes until the application time ends, spread the product from medium to ends with a comb. This way, the rest of the hair will renew the color a bit and it will look brighter, but without saturating and spoiling it more than necessary.

Mistakes to Avoid #4: Get impatient with the exposure time or spend


Not respecting the product’s exposure times is also a very common mistake. There are women who after 15 minutes run off the dye because they see it orange or purple and they think their hair will be a strange color. The color of the dye paste and how it evolves when it is only a few minutes in the hair has nothing to do with the final result of the color. You must always respect the 25 or 30 minutes (that is the average) indicated by the product manufacturer. Read the instructions well. Less time can mean that the color is not as intense and that it does not even cover the gray hair.

Mistakes to Avoid #5: Using an aggressive shampoo after coloring

You need to be careful when choosing the hair color and you make sure that it is as natural so that it does not damage your hair. Also, you should also be careful when choosing the product with which you are going to wash it. With a shampoo without sulfates or parabens, you will not only maintain its health but also the color.

Mistakes to Avoid #6: Skip putting on conditioner

From the outset, it is best to use the conditioner that usually accompanies the dye in the box because its formula is designed to help fix the hair color. Use it when you finish rinsing the dye from your hair. Use all the amount that comes in and do not save some of the containers for the next wash. Dyes tend to dry hair and wash away its natural oils. Then, in the following washes, use special conditioners for colored hair, they will help the tone take longer to fade. And now that the good weather is here, also take these cares into account to protect the color.

FAQs related to hair coloring

1.    Is it difficult to dye your hair yourself or is it better to go to the hairdresser?

Coloring hair is a profession. At the hairdresser, the condition of your hair is checked to load it as little as possible. A color that suits you is selected, and several colors are often mixed to get the most suitable color.

It is often difficult to find the correct product, brand, and color when you are starting, if something goes wrong, you will have no guarantee.

2.    How do I care for my colored hair?

Caring for colored hair is very important. If you don’t take good care of colored hair, it can lose color. Use a good professional shampoo and a conditioner for colored hair. Also, using a hair mask, once a week guarantees better color retention. So, you not only have to spend money on coloring your hair but also on its maintenance. This way you will enjoy your coloring for longer.

3.    What are the trends in hair coloring?

This year’s trends point to subtle hues. For brunettes, a nice cool brown shade, with hints of light caramel brown. For blondes, a nice warm or cool color with various color highlights, which will give your hair different shades. Natural chemical free hair products, that will make your hair shine is the latest trend of the industry.

4.    How long to wait between two colorings or discolorations?

Semi-permanent colorings are not aggressive for the hair. So, no need to wait for a certain time between the two applications. If your color fades too fast for your liking, you can redo it whenever you want!  Also, try the re-pigmenting treatment to give the color a little pep.

For discoloration, it’s another story because the process damages the hair. If you need a lot of lightening your hair (find out before, not all colors need a very fade base!) wait for at least 15 days/1 month between each bleaching. Only bleach your hair if it is healthy (not brittle, not dry, and not elastic).

5.    Will my color turn green?

This fear is often unfounded but recurs. It’s time to set the record straight!

Coloring works like painting: yellow + blue = green. The blue color on a too yellow base can therefore turn green, just as a color containing blue (a purple for example) can by fading give very slight green reflections (but not necessarily!). In the latter case, we can remove the pigments using care or apply the color again (or another!) Or do a re-pigmenting treatment.

6.    Can we keep the products after opening?

One of the advantages of semi-permanent coloring is that the products can be stored after opening. But the jar must be closed and stored away from a direct source of light and heat. If you haven’t used it all, you can save some to revive your color later! The manufacturer indicates that the product can be kept for 12 months.

It’s the same for discoloration: powder and cream can be kept once opened, provided they are not mixed.

7.    Do you need special equipment for successful homemade hair coloring?

You don’t need a lot of material to do homemade hair coloring, and nothing crazy or hard to find:

  • Clothes and a towel that is safe and can be stained
  • Gloves to protect your hands
  • A comb and a brush to apply the color
  • If you are making mixtures, a bowl and a spatula or a spoon (but nothing metal for the discoloration)
  • A water source
  • A fatty substance such as petroleum jelly to apply to the skin around the scalp to avoid staining it.

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