How to Pick the Best Haircut for your Face Shape?

We all have been there – the trendy haircut that went wrong. Some cuts can make us look tired or too thin or too wide and we just can’t figure out why! The PC liberals will say- girl wear your hair any way you like!  We agree, to an extent. You can’t deny some haircuts just highlight your best features. What’s the harm in digging a little more to find out what haircuts suit your face shape?

What is your face shape?

What is your face type

There are seven different face shapes, you’re one of them, or may be somewhere between two. Finding out your face shape is simple. Tie your hair back in a ponytail and take a photo of yourself. Then trace the outline of your face and identify the shape. You’re looking for Round, Square, Diamond, Heart, Oval, Triangle and Rectangle. Can’t find it? Don’t worry, there’s another way.

Measure from the center of your forehead to your chin – that’s the length of your face. Then measure from edge of one brow to the other – that’s your forehead width, and the edge of your cheekbone to the other – that’s your jaw width. Now refer to the shapes below to figure out where you belong.

1.  Round face


How to identify a round face: The length of your face and the width of your jaw and forehead are quite close to each other. Your cheeks are rounded.

Best cuts for you: You don’t want to add any more softness to your face. You need cuts that define and add angles.

  • Choppy pixies are great.
  • If you prefer to wear your hair long, go for layered cuts that will add texture to narrow your full cheeks.
  • You want to elongate your face as well, so go for layers that start at your jawline.
  • Fringes that finish at your eye can make your face longer, so they’re thumbs up.
  • Low, messy buns are wonderful for hiding soft curves.
  • Shoulder length waves are lovely on every face shape.
  • DON’Ts: Short layers, bobs without a deep side part, and single-length cuts, full curls will make your face look rounder. As for updo’s, stay away from very sleek styling.

Celebrities like you: Vidya Balan, Preity Zinta and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

2.  Oval or oblong face


How to identify an oval face: Oval faces are typically longer than they are wider. You’ll have a round chin and jawline. Your forehead will typically be widest and you’ll have soft curves everywhere.

Best cuts for you: Lucky oval-faced ladies can wear any style, because your faces are already well-proportioned. But some styles work better:

  • Short crops and blunt bobs with layers will look great on you.
  • If you love bangs, you can rock them with no doubts.
  • If you’ve got a longer face, longer hair styles with minimal curls and waves will help to balance the length.
  • While many women are advised not to use the natural part of their hair if it doesn’t suit their face shape, you can safely do so. But you don’t want to elongate your face too much. You want to create illusions of width instead.

Celebrities like you: Kangana Ranaut, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor

3.  Square face


How to identify a square face: Like the round faced ladies, the length and width of your face are more or less equal. But instead of tapering to your chin and temple, your jaws and forehead are prominent and strong. Your jaw is sharply angled. 

Best cuts for you: Keyword for you is soften soften soften.

  • Side-parting is great for balancing out the squareness, as are long, wispy layers.
  • Short layered bobs with side sweeping will take attention away from your jawline to your cheekbones, which is great! Make sure the bob falls a few inches below your jaw, not at the jawline. Shoulder-length bobs or lobs are fantastic for you.
  • Try and add volume at the root or look for styles with a lot of texture at the ends.

Celebrities like you: Anushka Sharma and Kareena Kapoor

4.  Rectangular face


How to identify a rectangular face: Similar to the square-shaped face, your cheekbones, jawline and forehead are more or less similar sized and your jaws are square.

Best cuts for you: Rectangular-faced ladies will have the same goals as square shapes. But in addition to softening your jawline and forehead, you want to avoid lengthening your face further.

  • Soft layered cuts are great, as long as they’re not too long. If you do go long, add volume to balance the length.
  • Avoid high buns that elongate your face further. Go for soft chignons and rounded fringes in bangs, instead of squares and blunt cuts.

Celebrities like you: Sandhya Mridul and Kriti Sanon

5.  Triangle face 


How to identify a triangular face: Inverted-triangle faced ladies, you probably have pointy chins and wide foreheads, but no widow’s peaks. This shape is more common (and thought more feminine) than the triangle shape, which has a wide and strong jaw, narrow temple and forehead, and either a soft or angular jaw, and a squarish chin.

Best cuts for you: If you’re a triangle, you want to choose hairstyles that add illusions of width to your forehead and take away attention from your wider jawline.

  • Chin-grazing short hair is great, because it doesn’t make your face longer. But keep it textured and layers, so your jawline doesn’t appear too wide.
  • Bangs are perfect for you, to balance out your wider jaw.
  • If your jawline is soft, go for definition in the hair near the jaw area. If angular, you want soft, wispy edges that graze your chin.
  • A deep side part is better than a part down the middle. This will draw attention away from your wide jaw.

Celebrities like you: Hollywood actress Scarlett Johanssen is an inverted triangle and Minnie Driver a triangle. It’s rare to see this face shape in Bollywood, which loves its feminine faces.

6.  Heart face


How to identify a heart face: Heart-shaped faces are widest at the forehead and gradually taper down to a narrow chin. You very likely have a widow’s peak.

Best cuts for you: Heart-faced ladies, you want to narrow your brows and widen the lower part of your face with your haircut.

  • Long side-sweeping will hide the width of your forehead, which is great.
  • Side-swept bobs that end at your narrow jawline will also bring balance.
  • Curls and waves below the ears will soften your angular jaws.
  • You can bravely wear pixies with textured ends too.

Celebrities like you: Deepika Padukone 

7.  Diamond face


How to identify a diamond face: Your cheekbones are prominent and the widest part of your face. Your forehead and chin are of similar size.

Best cuts for you: To balance the angles of your cheekbones, softened hair cuts will be lovely.

  • Medium or long layered cuts are most flattering for you.
  • You can boldly wear a deep side part with soft, tousled waves to create the illusion of a narrower forehead.
  • You can also wear chin-length bobs with great confidence and widen your jawline.
  • Ponytails will widen your forehead and show off your cheekbones too.

Celebrities like you: Koena Mitra and Freida Pinto

You may find that you don’t fit in very clearly in one of these face shapes. Maybe you’re between two shapes, and that’s normal. Most of us are. These are just benchmarks to get you started on discovering new haircuts you’ve probably never tried before. Maybe you’ll find out you’ve got a face between a square and a round, and you can rock pixie with great pizzazz! 

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