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Female body hair seems to have been shunned for as long as natural cosmetic rituals have been around. Some of us had mothers and grandmothers who would make us Multani mitti scrubs as kids, so we’d grow up into lovely, smooth, and (relatively) hairless women. While to “flaunt a feminist armpit or not” or “refuse the Brazilian wax trend” is an individual choice. But what about hormone or genetic-induced facial hairs on the face? Ladies, who want to be free of their downy upper lips and cheeks without painful waxing or threading, this article is just for you. Home remedies for smooth, hairless faces that stay smooth for longer. However note that “permanent” doesn’t mean for life, even laser cannot achieve that.

Causes of Excessive Facial Hair in Ladies

Some ladies tend to have more facial hair than others. This is due to higher-than-usual levels of androgens – male hormones – such as testosterone. All women have hair on their faces, but it’s usually very light and fine. But some have darker and coarser hair on their faces, backs, arms or chest. This condition can run in families, and typically affects between 5 to 10% of women. If you have such dark hair on your face, it might make you very self-conscious. It’s important to get the hormonal imbalance, that causes this condition, checked. But meanwhile, here’s what you can do to remove the hair at home. 

1.  The tried and tested Sugar and Lemon Juice to remove Facial Hair


Sugar is a great exfoliant and sugaring is actually a thing. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians loved this technique of hair removal.  It’s something like waxing, except that it doesn’t hurt as much, nor does it need paper or fabric strips to remove.

You make a sticky paste and let it dry on your hair so that it clings to the strands. Then you remove it, along with the hair. Unlike waxing, you aren’t hurting the skin surrounding the hair follicle, and so it reportedly hurts less.

Recipe: Mix 2 tbsp sugar with 2 tbsp lemon juice in 8 tbsp water. Heat until the bubbles appear and then let it cool. Apply wherever you feel like it’s necessary, in the direction of hair growth. The paste will dry to a gel-like consistency that you can remove as a peel. Gently pull away (or rub with a dry towel) in the opposite direction when the mixture is dry and you’ll be removing hair from the roots with it.

2.  The trusty Multani Mitti and Rose Water

Clay facial mask

Multani mitti is the Indian woman’s all-purpose beauty powder. When it is mixed with honey, lemon juice or rose water into a paste and applied on hair follicles, it dries. Thereafter this can be gently removed along with quite a few hair from the roots.

Recipe: Take 3 tbsp of Multani mitti powder (Fuller’s earth). Add in it a pinch of turmeric and enough rosewater to make a paste. Apply on the areas you want to treat, and let it dry for around fifteen minutes. Once it’s hardened, take a little water on your fingers and gently scrub the mask in a direction opposite to hair growth. This trick is good for thinning out fine hairs on your face, but you need to do this about twice a week for about eight to ten weeks to see a thinning of the unwanted hair on your face.

3.  Baking Soda and Turmeric

Baking soda can be excessively drying. So this recipe is only for those ladies without excessive dry skin.

Recipe: Mix two tbsp of baking soda with 1 tbsp turmeric, and enough water to make a thin paste. Apply this mixture on the area of hair you want to remove. Let it dry, then gently rub with a small, dry washcloth or your fingers in circular motion. This will remove the paste along with some of the hair from the roots with very little of the discomfort of waxing.

4.  Ancient Fitkari (Alum) Upper Lip Removal

Alum, used to purify water for centuries and even deodorize, can also be used to remove hair from upper lips. You can find alum crystals on Amazon, if not at your local grocery shop.

Recipe: Mix ½ tsp of powdered alum with 1 tsp of rose water. You can add more rose water if needed to make a paste. The drill is the same. Apply in the direction of hair growth, let it dry, then gently scrub off in the opposite direction.

5.  Other Natural Hair-Removal Remedies


Other scrubs that can help in hair removal include oatmeal and banana, egg white and cornstarch (best not used for sensitive or acne-prone skin), or a papaya and turmeric paste which seems to have the ability to reduce hair regrowth over time.

Of course you cannot expect most natural methods to work as efficient as commercial ones. In order to thin your facial hair, you’ll need to use these natural methods a couple of times a week to see results in the long run. But make sure you don’t over-exfoliate and are gentle on your skin.

Other Facial Hair-Removal Options available in market

Here’s a lowdown on the other options available to you, should you feel the natural way is taking too long.

For your eyebrows, you could use simple tweezers, or the Flawless painless Eyebrow Hair Remover/ trimmer, a lipstick-shaped device that will fit in your purse.


Shaving is another and perhaps the fastest method for the upper lip, but can cause razor bumps and nicks, unless you use a high quality shaving creams and a good razor.

Tweezing or plucking can hurt a lot, especially if you’re removing a lot of hair, and it’s probably the most common method in India. But these days, some woman are swearing by Katori wax, the new cold wax that is easy to use at home and removes hair in one go. Of course various Hair Remover Wax Strip Kits are also available on Amazon, though at a price.

If you search for more “permanent” options of hair removal, you may be scared away by some of the choices around – laser hair removal, electrolysis, chemical depilation etc. etc. They all sound like medical procedures and some are quite expensive as well. However, if you want to go easy on your body, the home remedies above can also work quite well with very little stress or anxiety involved. As mentioned earlier, they may need regular applications before you see results. And do stay tuned to the blog to learn more such skin and makeup tips to up your beauty quotient!

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