How to get the Perfect Abs: Top Tips to Get Perfect Abs for Girls

Getting abs is a sought-after goal among those who want to show off a beautiful figure. However we want to make it as clear as possible that getting abs is not achieved by doing long, endless, and painful abs planks. There is a lot of bad information about how to get well-defined abs. We all have abs, yes we all, but it is true that to show them off you have to work them, strengthen them and enlarge them. First of all, we must take into account what state of form we are in. So here we go:

1.  Eliminate Fat


If we have accumulated fat in the abdominal area, we are never going to get abs. The first thing we must do is eliminate this happy fat that we have accumulated over the years and to achieve this, there are no miracles: diet and cardio.

Fewer calories should be consumed through a balanced diet. Our body begins to eliminate fat after 40 minutes of exercise. Remember that you must maintain an intensity between 70 and 85% of our greatest capacity.

2.  Maintain calories balance

calorie balance for perfect abs

Once we have managed to get rid of the gut that appears so easy, it is important not to lower our guard with the diet. We must continue to eat an adequate and balanced diet consumption. The calories that are ingested and are spent must be at par. Doing aerobic exercise is recommended. Although it is not necessary to do as much as in the previous phase, it is important to continue practicing it.

3.  Do sit-ups


Now we are ready to work the abdominal area, and over time we will see the results that the layer of fat did not allowed us earlier. As for the exercises that we must do, there is little to comment on, there are countless exercises to work the abdomen.

It is important to know that the sets should not be very long. The exercise that we can do more than 25-30 repetitions without problem is convenient to change it for another. Since like any other muscle in the body, the abdominals get used to the exercises that we have been practicing for a long time so, it is good to alternate them.

4.  Lower, upper, oblique abs, all are important

Work all the abdominals, the weakest first starting with the lower ones, then the oblique, and finally the upper ones.

Controlled breathing, the air must be released when performing the contraction and breathe in through the nose when we relax them. In this way the intensity of the exercise is increased.

5.  Work the lumbar

Maintaining balance in the middle area of the body is very important. Having developed abs and a lumbar area that is not worked at all can have negative consequences in the long run. That is why we must work the lower back every time we do sit-ups.

Doing Rest is the key here, if we do sit-ups every day we will not get results since they need rest, doing two or three sessions a week is enough

6.  Lifestyle and Diet Tips that will help you get a six-pack

Achieving abs to show off may seem difficult, but do not despair. The retention and sagging are some of our worst enemies. However if you introduce some small changes in your lifestyle, you will be able to get abs in less than you think.

Sohere we give you the keys. So, grab a paper, pen, and take notes.

1.  Relax:


That stress affects your body is something we already know, but what if we tell you that it also causes you to accumulate more fat in the belly area? As some studies show, stress and anxiety are linked to the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and the risk of obesity.

So take it easy and start to relax. Yoga and meditation are some of the best practices to achieve this.

2.  Improve your diet:

A diet low in carbohydrates, rich in protein, and healthy fats will be your best ally to achieve your goal. Also, try to reduce salt intake and control macronutrient intake.

The breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats as a percentage of total daily calories can help you control hunger. It also keeps fat under control.

3.  Strengthen the abdominal muscles:

 If you want to show off your flat stomach, introduce weights into your training routine. Combining strength with cardio is the best way to reduce belly fat, so get on with it!

4.  Sleep well:

sleep well to get perfect abs for girls

Poor sleep not only affects your mood but can also alter the way you eat. Various studies have revealed that sleeping little increases abdominal fat and can alternate the daily balance causing us to eat more.

5.  Avoid eating more than you should:

Learn to identify when you are hungry and when you are full. On a hunger scale (where 1 is hungry and 10 is too full to move), stop eating when you are at a 6 to avoid weight increase. Avoid binge eating and you will soon notice the results.

6.  Get more fiber:

The fiber improves the intestinal transit by reducing abdominal inflammation. You will be less bloated and you will not eat as much. Little by little, your abs will come out of hiding.

7.  Treatments alone do not work miracles:

Not even liposuction will get your abs to be forever marked. If you want to achieve this, you will have to combine this and other treatments with a healthy diet and regular exercise. However we would recommend you try out only the diet and regular exercise and avoid the treatment part, unless you are really obsessed with abs show off.


Getting a good abdomen is possible by working it and having a correct and healthy diet. There is no magic routine; perfection is in the combination of several routines composed of different exercises. So get ready to show off your abs as strong and hard as steel with these tips.

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FAQs Related To the Abdominal Exercises

Q1.  When should you train your abs?

Opinions vary, but if you tend to neglect them in your workout routine, you can then think about training your abs at the beginning of the routine or on rest days. There are even opinions that are in favor of doing them in the morning on an empty stomach.

Q2.  What should be the frequency of abdominal training?

What is good for bodybuilders may not be useful for you. Since many of them already have good abs, they don’t focus much on them and hence train them once a week. But normal persons like you and I can train them up to three times a week. Training them every night does not give them enough recovery time, which leads to overtraining.

Q3.  How many sets of sit-ups do you have to do?

The idea is to do several intense sets of repetitions that work in the various regions. Do at least of two sets of inverted crunches, two oblique crunches, and two normal crunches. Remember that if you can do an excessive number of repetitions, you are not doing them.

Q4.  What must be the length of rest period?

Beginners can rest for 30 to 45 seconds and more advanced ones between 20 and 30. Before and after sets, remember to stretch your abs and lower back to speed recovery and enhance flexibility.

Q5.  What should be the order of exercises?

As a general rule, work the lower part first because it is usually the weakest, then obliques, and last the upper part. But, one of the golden rules is the variety of both exercises and order of execution.

Q6.  Should I Diet To Show My Abs?

It is very important to follow a nutritional program that you incorporate as a habit of life. If you do not maintain a low percentage of body fat, you will have them developed but they will not be visible.

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