Plants Help you Combat the Pandemic and Improve Overall Health and Wellness

At the beginning of this pandemic, none of us would have thought that we would be cooped up in our houses for nearly half the year or more! But unfortunately, that is the situation we are in now and we have to get used to this new normal. Or should we look at it as a fortunate thing? 

Hear us out – this pandemic is a monumental time in all our lives. It has forced us to stop, think and consider a lot of things in our life. It has taught us how much we actually crave connection, be it with people, plants and nature. Gardening can be one of the best hobbies you can take up in such time. Plants help you not only in coping with this pandemic but also in improving your overall health and wellness. As per Studies have proven that house plants improve concentration and productivity (by up to 15%), reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.

Plants improve your mental health and life quality


That may seem like a lofty claim but it is absolutely true. Simply being in the presence of plants makes you feel happier. Think about how happy you get whenever you go for a walk or a hike in the forest! That is because we are connecting with who we are – which is all just a glorious part of nature. 

Plants also slow down your heart rate, and you know what that does for you in the long run? It helps you manage your stress much better. So, the next time you have a lot of work on your plate, or you are feeling a little down and out, just take a look at that beautiful, lush plant on your work desk or a short walk in the garden and you will feel a hundred times better! 

Plants are inspiring


The next time you need a dose of inspiration, instead of looking up to the CEO of a big company, why not look towards your plants and draw some much needed life lessons? We are quite serious here.

If you get discouraged thinking about a project at work that is taking too long to complete, might we suggest you take a look at the humble apple tree? Some of them take anywhere from 5 to 10 years to produce their first fruit. Do you know what a plant does when a caterpillar attacks it? It synthesizes volatile chemicals that attracts the predators of caterpillars, and warns nearby plants about the attack! Nature is inspiring in so many ways, because it never gives up. And as humans, we should not either.

Plants promote better relationships


Wait – how can a small little flower or a garden promote better relationships between you and your family? It may sound far-fetched but fostering a green thumb with those near and dear to you could just be the key to doing this pandemic the right way!

In this age of digital addiction, taking up gardening as a family activity could be a refreshing hobby to add to your routine. Divide up the chores – you and your partner could sow the plants together and create compost. Your children could water the garden at regular intervals and you could harvest the produce together! Imagine how many lessons you could learn from this simple activity, and form a connection with nature at the same time. And, it is much more beneficial than just watching a movie together!

Plants are not just beautiful, but useful


Yes, we have spoken about all the mental and physiological benefits that you can learn from your plants. But at the very core, plants are extremely useful for culinary, cosmetic and medical purposes.

Imagine walking over to your herb garden by the balcony, instead of heading towards the fridge, every time you want to make a coriander and mint chutney. Or harvesting beautiful, fresh tomatoes every weekend so that you can make your date night just a little more special. Making your own rose water with fresh rose petals will not only save you money, but it will also help you go 100% natural and organic.

They even purify the very air that you breathe. That’s right -The NASA Clean Air Study found that snake plants remove 4 out of 5 toxins involved in the effects of sick building syndrome!

The possibilities are endless!

Plants upgrade your natural beauty

Yes, Plants are very helpful in taking care of your hair and skin care needs in a natural chemical free manner.


You can use aloe Vera to get glowing face and shiny hair. Infact you can center your whole skin and hair care routine around this gorgeous plant. It will help you soothe sunburns, moisturize your hair, nourish your skin and ease your digestion. To know more about how Aloe Vera can help you in your beauty regime you can read our blog on How to use aloe Vera to get glowing face and shiny hair?

You can also make your own Tulsi Infusion Oil at home for Hair care and face mask. Tulsi Infusion Oil is great for solving acne related face problems. You can also use this oil on your scalp to reduce hair fall and hair dandruff related issues. To know more about how to make Tulsi Infusion Oil at home and how it can help you in your beauty regime you can read our blog on Make Your Own Tulsi Oil Infusion for Hair care and face mask!

Plants upgrade your waste management skills

The cool thing to do in this burning era of global warming is to manage your waste effectively. Gardening is the best hobby you can pick up at this time. It will help you, your immediate environment, and ultimately, the world! An important requirement for building any type of garden requires the use of compost. Composting is basically a biological process that allows organic waste (vegetable peels, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc.) to decompose under carefully controlled conditions. Compost simply put acts like a soil conditioner!

Think about the big picture here – you use the produce in your kitchen to produce tasty meals, you process the waste to make compost, you add compost to your gardening routine and help the plants flourish, which in turn gives you fresh produce again! It is resource-to-resource and it teaches us that absolutely nothing in the world goes to waste, unless you want it to.


We hope you will seriously consider getting a plant or rather a home garden. Not only you will be fostering a wonderful hobby in this stressful time, you will also be hooked to the benefits for a lifetime!

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