12 Easy Long Lasting Eye Makeup for Party, Wedding Reception

A perfect party or wedding look is never complete without pairing it with the right accessories and makeup. Finding the best makeup for your ceremony or reception can be a huge challenge. If you have run out of Pinterest ideas, then it’s time you need to try something new. Here are 12 amazing and long-lasting eye makeup looks for parties and receptions:

Vintage & White


If you are planning on having a classic retro-themed wedding, then this is the best eye makeup look for you. Create a wing on the upper eyelid with black eyeshadow. You can also use this to underline the eyes. Now take a white eyeliner and apply it to the lower lashline. Now pair it with dark brows and flirty lashes. Accentuating your eyes, this look will give you a doll-like look for your Wedding Day.

Neutral Look with Thin Eyeliner

Neutral Look with Thin Eyeliner

Not all women like to go ‘over the top’ with their makeup. And this is the perfect solution for them. Use some neutral eyeshadow for the lids. You may skip mixing or adding multiple colors to this look. Complete the look by adding some eyeliner, thickness as per your choice. You may or may not add mascara to this look. However, make sure you pop on some lashes and vibrant lipstick.

Some Smoky Browns eye makeup

Some Smoky Browns eye makeup

Smoky eye looks make some of the best eye makeup options. Ever since their inception, they have been trending as they go with all types of fashion looks. Pick the best shades of browns and mauves for this look. Cover the whole upper eyelid in an ombré effect, starting from the inner corner with a lighter shade to darker on the outer. Skip the eyeliner and use mascara to give your lashes length and thickness.

Women have been obsessed with eye makeup since, well, pretty much the dawn of time. As per eluxemagazine, one of the earliest examples of the use of eyeshadow in the ancient world can be found in ancient Egypt.

Peachy & Neutral eye makeup

Peachy & Neutral eye makeup

Peach and pink are the two most important shades for any neutral and natural wedding look. Get on the best shade of peach you have in your pallets and complete cute and simple eye makeup. You can also add a little eyeshadow on the lower lid. Complete the look by adding thin eyeliner and mascara.

Shimmer & Glamour!

Shimmer & Glamour eye makeup

If you are one of those brides who like to shine on their Big Day, then this is the look for you! Get your shimmer palette out and use the pink or rose gold shade on your upper lids. Create a wing on the outer corner using black eyeshadow. Add thin liner, pop-on some mascara, and you are ready to walk down the aisle!

Dark Shades, Detailed Look eye makeup

Dark Shades, Detailed Look

This is a timeless look for any girl or bride planning on having an outdoor/ garden wedding. The earthy hues of this look will definitely make your makeup stand out. This eye makeup looks fit just right on ladies that have blue or green eye colors. Make sure you apply the same pink-plum color on the under-eye. Remember- thin eyeliner and lots of lash length will complete the look.

Subtle Gold & Black eye makeup


Create an alluring and mystifying eye makeup look by applying a black eyeshadow base. Merge it with light yellow on the outer part of the eye and add shimmery gold to the center of the lid. When paired with eyeliner and mascara for lash length, this look would look amazing with a wedding color scheme of gold and white.   

Black Beauty eye makeup


Adding smoky eye makeup to the wedding look will not only uplift and shape your beautiful eyes. But will also add to the classic but fashion-forward wedding vibe.  All you need is black eyeshadow for this makeup look. Make a smoky black wing on the upper eyelid, add eyeliner, use mascara, and pop the faux lashes on! Tone down the intense look by pairing it with a rose pink lipstick.

Dramatic Red Lips


If you are planning on wearing romantic red lipstick, then make sure to lighten the look by using similar shades to red for eye makeup. Just like the picture, you can add orange with any other neutral eyeshadow with a little shimmer and thin eyeliner. Make sure you add some white highlight on the inner core of the eyes. This look will definitely make your wedding look shine out.

Pretty Plain eye makeup


Not every girl likes to play around with colors. Making this the best eye makeup look for them. You can also recreate the same look in pink, red, or orange rather than mauve. The natural lashes with mascara complete the eye look ideally. Moreover, if you are planning on having an understated outdoor wedding, then this is the perfect look for you.

Unique Shadow Look


Choose the best burgundy and dark mauve shades for this “Ariel; the Mermaid” look. Make sure you apply the darker color on the outer core of the eyes and create a wing that joins the shade applied on the upper lid. A thin eyeliner and no-lash will do just fine with this look. You can add some mascara to define your natural ones. This look will look amazing with your bright red lipstick.

Thick Lash Diva eye makeup


Make your pretty eyes attract all attention by picking neutral colors for the makeup. You can use peach, pink, and orange for this look. Apply these normally, covering the whole upper lid with a sleek wing. Wear the look with thick lashes and thin eyeliner. A deadly combo! This dramatic look is perfect for daring and bold brides who like to try something new.

That would be all 12 long-lasting eye makeup ideas you should try for your wedding reception day. Or even while attending a party! These looks will ensure that you are the center of attention for every occasion. Also Read 9 Tips and Tricks to Get Perfect Seductive Eyes At Home.

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