7 Best Face Lifting Exercises for Anti-Ageing

Having a flawless face, with no wrinkles, is like a ‘dream come true’ for any woman. But, maintaining the same seamless look can be tricky. To make this easier, there are several anti-ageing massage tools and gadgets available in the market. However, if you like to keep it budget-friendly, then we have got you covered. Here are 7 Best Anti-Ageing & Face Lifting Exercises for you to include in your daily routine:



For the first face lifting exercise, you will have to get any normal sitting or standing position. Now take a deep breath and blow-out your cheeks. Hold the air inside for a few seconds and transfer the air from one cheek to other. Repeat this a couple times for one set. Following this will tone the facial muscles giving them a taut look.

Swollen Eyes

Face yoga relaxes, tones, and strengthens the muscles by fostering better blood circulation. If you have swollen or puffy eyes, then you should start following this routine. Sit in a comfortable spot and look towards your right. Then slowly move to look towards left. Repeat the process and look up-down. Now go for complete eye rotation in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Fish Face

This is one of the best anti-ageing & face lifting exercises. All you have to do is to pull your cheeks in and pucker the lips to make a fish face. Now hold this pose and try to smile. You will start feeling a burning sensation in your cheeks. Release and repeat the same. The exercise stretches the cheek muscles making them more toned. It is a great exercise for women with chubby faces.


portrait of young woman doing crease near her eye - studio

If you have crow’s feet or under-eye bags, then you must do this exercise daily. It works to reduce puffiness and drooping eyelids. Hold the inner corner of your eyebrows with the middle fingers of both hands. Then use your index finger to apply pressure on the outer end of the brows. Slowly look up; you can raise the lower eyelids to create a squint. Release this pose after a few seconds and repeat it around 6 times daily.

Smooth the brow

face lifting exercise

Let’s be real, none of us likes the horizontal lines on our forehead. But! There is a trick to slowly remove these naturally. For this Face Lifting Exercise, use both your hands and put the fingers on the forehead with tips facing each other. Now press the forehead skin lightly and spread the fingers. Move the fingers outwards and release. Repeat the same process at least 10 times. It will give your skin a smooth texture and firmness.

Surprised Face

surprised face

Did you know, making a surprised face can help you with your anti-aging exercises? For this, raise your eyebrows to make a surprised face. Keep raising the brows till you can. Now open your mouth as wide as you can. Repeat this at least 10 times to get a smoother forehead. A quick tip: Act surprised if someone catches you doing this and share a laugh.

Defined Jawline

We all love the high-cheek bones and defined jawline. To get a better jawline you will have to follow this face lifting exercise– look up towards the ceiling. Now slowly touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth. This will generate slight pain in the muscles in your neck. Slowly release and repeat the same process in 5 sets.

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