7 Elegant And Alluring Makeup Ideas For Everyone From Beginners To Experts

Have you got all the products to create an amazing look? Then you just have to pull out the brushes and create a masterpiece. But wait, need some extra makeup tips to make this process easy? Whether you are an expert or a beginner, these 7 Makeup Ideas For Everyone will make the routine easy for you:

Foundation & Primer Base


Foundation and primer are the two basics in any makeup kit. However, one must remember there are two types of foundation/ primer. And the opposite doesn’t always attract. Whether you like it water-based or oil-based, always make sure that the primer and foundation you use are from the same base. This in turn will make it difficult for you to blend properly.

No more Peach Fuzz

Our faces have a layer of thin hair, which is called peach fuzz (not as cute as the name). Using foundation in upward strokes can make these hairs stand out, which will highlight the fuzz rather than your amazing makeup skills. Therefore, when applying foundation, make sure you use short downward strokes to blend it properly in the skin.

Bye-Bye Crow’s Feet


Let’s be real, no one likes the tiny wrinkles on the outer side of the eyes. We call them Crow’s Feet, with love (or maybe not so much love). For this makeup hack, all you need is a little bit of primer! Apply some extra on these areas before starting with the overall makeup. It will help you cover the tracks and get a cleaner finished look.

Blush & Face Type

Blush adds natural color and real-like touch to the foundation-layered face. Therefore, you should be picky when it comes to buying the perfect blush. If you choose the wrong shade, it might look fake on your skin tone. Always consider your skin tone and undertone before picking a shade.

Under Eye Bags


Another aspect that needs to be “concealed”, get it? To avoid showing your under-eye bags and dark circles, you will have to apply concealer or corrector in an upside-down triangle shape under the eyes. Blend it properly to get the perfect and flawless skin. Use this makeup tip to hide the puffy and darkened area.

Limit Shimmery Blushes


A little shimmer can add a lot of glamour to any look. Even if they are great for eyeshadow and lips, getting a charming look with shimmery blushes can be a challenge. According to our makeup hack #6, you must avoid using these if you have blemishes, pores, and other skin troubles. The shimmer can form lumps or bumps in these areas, giving an unfinished look.

Highlighting the Features

Highlighter is a powerful product that everyone must have in their makeup kits. Take a tiny bit of this on a brush and apply it to the lower arch of the eyebrows. This will give you a glimmer natural eyelift! Moreover, these can also be applied on cheekbones, Nose Bridge, and nose tip. This will enhance the overall look.

These were all of the makeup tips. Follow the hacks, step by step, to get the best results from your efforts. Try out some of these 7 Make-up Ideas For Everyone and create fun looks for your events! And do stay tuned to the GetBodyCare.com blog to learn more such skin and makeup tips to up your beauty quotient!

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