7 Everyday Beauty Hacks for Young Girls

Maintaining a fresh look every day can be a challenge. Especially when you have less time to spare on newer makeup looks. However, it is not just about wearing something new. Sometimes, one likes to stay neutral and carry that bare look. Looking for easy beauty hacks to get this look quickly? Then here are 7 simple everyday beauty hacks for girls:

Nail Paint Drying


Let’s be real, none of us really likes to wait for the applied nail paint to dry. And to make the matters worse, smudging or touching them means repeating the whole process all over again. To get this done quickly, take a bowl with cold water. Once you have applied the colour, dip your fingers in the bowl. This will quicken the drying process.

Oily Hair Day

Most of us like to apply dry shampoo to tackle this issue. However, when you are out of a product, then this easy beauty hack will come to your aid. You will have to use baby powder! Apply a little amount of powder on the hairline and rub it on the scalp. It will absorb the greasiness and give your hair a silky fresh look.

No-Damage Waves

Having flowy mermaid waves is like a dream come true for many girls. But! You don’t need expensive treatments or lengthy curling process for this. The next everyday beauty hacks for girls involves creating multiple braids before going to bed. Make sure these are tight enough. Next morning, slowly open these plaits and get natural waves!

Mascara Application

Applying mascara can be a tiresome task; especially, if you are not good at it. You might end up spoiling your eye-shadow makeup. Use a business card and place it on your upper eyelid when applying mascara. This will not only help you get natural length but will also save the eyelids from getting smudged.

Bobby Pins in Place


Try this easy beauty hack to ensure that your bobby pins stay in place. Fixing them every now and then can get annoying after a while. Place a tissue paper on a table and keep the pins on it. Now use your stiff hold spray on these. Take these pins to create a fresh hairdo for the day, it will make sure they don’t slide or let the strands loose.

The Vaseline Hack


Not many of us like to use clear mascara for shaping the eyebrows. The best way to get this done is to use Vaseline on them. Use a little amount of jelly on them to create a clean eyebrow shape. No need of brush, use your fingers for this. You can use a brow brush after applying this. So if your eyebrows are “disobedient” or are curled, you can easily “tame” them by applying a small amount of Vaseline.

Hair Straitening


Making the hair straighter results to last long can be a problem if your original hair texture is different. To ensure that they live through the week, you can use cardboard strips and bobby pins! For this easy beauty hack, after using the straightener, take a strip and fasten it on the patch using hair clips. This will ensure that the hairs do not come in contact with wind or sweat.

These were all of the everyday beauty hacks for girls who like to keep their daily look neutral. Offering lastingness the look, these tips will make your everyday routine easier!  Give these a shot yourself and get flawless looks. Also look at 7 Habits That Make You Look Older.

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