7 Habits That Make You Look Older

From having a wrong diet to stress, there are so many reasons that could make you look older than you are. Yes, there is also the age factor. But, did you know there are certain habits that alter your physical appearance? If not, then here are 7 Habits That Make You Look Older:

Over Drinking

If you have missed out, alcoholic drinks are diuretic. In easy terms, it can dehydrate your body and remove the moisture from the skin. Excessive drinking can cause rosacea, which can be difficult to manage. Therefore, it is advised to drink lots of water to have lively and healthy skin.

Bad Posture


Even the tiniest of slouches can lead to having major issues in your physical appearance. The bad posture can make you look older than you are. This means that if you want to look young and youthful, work on your posture and keep your back straight while working.

Holding Grudges

Not the literal movie series. But keeping grudges is also said to increase the ageing process. This is another peculiar habit that can make you look older by adding wrinkles to your face. Grudges result in frustration and stress, which raises the level of Cortisol in your body. This can lead to having high BP or sugar. It can also make you gain weight.

Not Having Enough Sleep


Getting 7-8hrs of sleep is not just an effective solution for stress and other ailments. It also helps in having better and healthier skin and face. Various studies have proven that sleep deprivation can affect the ageing process at the cellular level. In a study by lead study investigator Elma Baron, MD, associate professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, the ladies who snagged less slumber showed increased signs of skin aging, including fine lines, uneven pigmentation, slackening of skin, and reduced elasticity. So, set your alarms and sleep on time!

Sun Exposure or Tan

Suntan lotion on woman's arm in sun shape

While many prefer to hang out around the beach/ pool, no one likes having a tanned body. The harmful UV rays affect blood vessels and cells. If you want to avoid all the damage and still want to enjoy staying outdoors, make sure you carry the best SPF cream/ lotion with you.

Sweet Tooth: A Bane

For people, who likes to stay fit and fine, having a sweet tooth can be a real hindrance in getting the physical appearance of their dreams. A sugar-laden diet can increase the chances of various medical issues. It can also increase wrinkles on your skin from an early age.

Overdoing Face Wash


A refreshing splash of water on your face can soothe your mood. However, washing the face multiple times is a habit that can make you look older. Also, you must avoid sleeping with makeup on. It can remove the protective oils from the skin, giving it a dull and lifeless look.

Having the right skincare routine is a real struggle. There are many factors to consider and habits to curb. These were 7 Habits That Make You Look Older, make sure you keep these in mind the next time you plan your routine. Also read A Complete Guide to Treating Wrinkles.

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