7 Honey Beauty Tips to Amp up Your Beauty Quotient

Liquid Gold- ever heard of it? Well, it’s commonly known as Honey and is popular for its healing and anti-bacterial properties. For centuries, it has been used to treat medical ailments and skin-related problems. But, what are easy honey beauty hacks to try at home? Then here we have 7 honey beauty tips that will amp up your beauty quotient:

Moisturizing Body

Woman receiving a honey massage from masseur near pool

For this honey beauty remedy, you only need one product- Honey! Take a small amount of honey in your palms and rub it together to make it warmer. Now slowly apply this on your arms and legs. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing it with water. This hack will give you naturally soft and nourished skin.

Honey Face Pack

The process for this remedy is quite similar to the previous one. This is an easy honey beauty hacks to try. Take a coin-sized amount of honey and apply it on your face like a face pack. After 10-15 minutes, wash your face with warm water. You can repeat this process multiple times a week to make your face look evenly toned and healthy.

Solution for Acne & Pimplesbeautiful-woman-honey-white-background

Getting pimples is like a nightmare for anyone. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties, which work well to reduce acne noticeably. Applying the Honey Face Pack in our honey beauty tips #2 can help. Repeating the same process at regular intervals will help you reduce the occurrence of acne and pimples gradually. 

Soothing Agent for Sunburn

This sweet and natural product can also be used to cure skin inflammations like sunburn. Create a paste by mixing 2 part fresh aloe vera gel with 1 part honey. Apply this on the affected area and leave it unattended. This will instantly soothe the burn and offer a cool sensation through the region.

After having served an important role in the medical tradition of many peoples for millennia, honey was “rediscovered” by modern medicine as a topical agent for treating wounds and burns.4 Therapeutic properties of honey have been scientifically highlighted by numerous in vitro studies, laboratory experiments and clinical trials performed during the last century. [ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]

Get a Natural Glow

This is one of the commonest outcomes of using easy honey beauty hacks. For this hack, you need to take 1tsp lemon juice and mix it with 1tbsp honey to create a paste. After applying this paste on your face or body, leave it for 15 or 20 minutes. Rinse with water and repeat at least twice a week to get a naturally glowing skin.

Natural Lip Scrub

honey lip care

Honey has been a proven natural treatment for chapped and blackened lips. You can create a scrub with honey and sugar for the lips. Rub the mix on your lips lightly and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse with water and apply light lip balm. This honey beauty remedy will exfoliate the lips making them naturally soft and plump.

Use with Shampoo

Yes! Honey can also be used with shampoo to enhance its effect on your hair. If you want to have soft and shiny hairs, then this is the best honey beauty tips for you. Take 1tsp honey and mix it with a coin-sized amount of shampoo. Apply and wash as you usually do. Repeat it weekly to get the silky and healthy hairs.

Honey is a unique natural product that can be used in all types of beauty treatments and remedies. From skin to lips and hairs to nails, it can be used all over the body, without facing a single negative effect. These were all our 7 easy honey beauty hacks; make sure you give these a shot!

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