7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses!

What scares a girl about getting spectacles? It is quite simple actually- ‘How will I do my makeup?!’. Finding fitting makeup tips can be difficult; especially when you wear specs. If you have similar concerns then relax. Geek is the new Chic! There are so many ways in which you can uplift your average glassy look. By creating the perfect balance between the colors and shades, you can create a unique and fun look for yourself. Here are 7 Makeup Tips for Girls who wear Glasses:

1. Keep the Brow Clean


If you wear specs, then you must remember keeping your brows in check. Especially, if you have thick brows and wear a large frame. It can look messy if you leave the eyebrows unattended. You can use clear mascara to tame the wild hairs. This makeup hack will give you a refined look by adding a slight gap of skin between the frame and brows.

Also you know that sometimes specs tend to slip down when you move or bend. They do slip, fall, and break or get scratches. And let’s be real, none of us really likes this. You can avoid this from happening by applying primer to the bridge of your nose. There you go, problem solved!

2. Balance Vibrant & Neutral


Have you got unique hair or frame color? Then you need to tone down on your makeup. As they say, less is more; having less makeup or minimalist makeup can help you shine. This makeup tip will provide balance to the overall look. It will showcase your vibrant features and personality without looking crowded.

Also some makeup products are not water-resistant completely. And the worst thing that could happen, is sweat and water ruining your hours of hard work. The situation worsens when you have to wipe your specs and makeup products build on your specs and start hampering your vision. So the makeup hack is to use setting spray or powder to fix the makeup. This will help you retain your look for the whole day!

3. Hiding the Under-eye


Got a larger glass frame? Then you should know that they will amplify the under-eye darkness and discoloration. Now that can be a problem if you have under-eye bags or dark circles. What to do to solve this? The best way to hide these is to pop-on an extra layer of concealer or corrector to reduce the effect.

Since you already have a “glass” frame for the eyes, applying darker eyeshadow can take the attention of the rest of your look. This can create a misbalance between your eye and overall makeup look. Therefore, choosing neutral and basic shades will be a better choice while doing eye makeup. Don’t go crazy with eye makeup. Use all neutral and basic shades to create a unique look. You can balance this by adding a pop of bright lipstick or lip gloss. This will give you an understated but impactful look. Moreover, it will also balance the overall makeup. 

4. Liner Thickness

There is one benefit of getting glasses- you don’t have to worry about the liner thickness! You can apply it as thin or thick as you like. Get the cat eyes on girl! Or maybe apply it in a sleek line. All looks will look amazing with eyeliners. You can also skip on adding any eyeshadow or makeup. The liner and glasses will do the job perfectly.

If you are planning on using fake lashes, then remember to focus on volume rather than length. Isn’t it obvious? Longer lashes might get makeup on your glasses. Moreover, they might also fall off after coming into contact with the glasses multiple times. However, thicker lashes add to the frame giving a complete look.

5. Flushed or Freckles


One of the cutest looks for any girl wearing glasses would be adding extra freckles or flush to the cheeks. It will take the focus off your glasses, and let the people see your whole face. This makeup hack creates a simple, neutral, yet classy look. Moreover, by highlighting the freckles with bronzer or blush, you will be free from doing any extensive eye makeup.

6. Play with the Colors

You can use any color you like or your outfit demands for this makeup tip! The combination of funky makeup with plain glasses will definitely make you stand out. Whether you like to play with the eyeshadow colors or want to try glitter eyeliner, everything will look great with your glasses. You may also use colored contacts to change eye color. Use different colors, layers, and more to create a unique look. You can also apply some on the lower lid. Moreover, these will look great with the subtle and plain eyes and glass frame.

7. Say ‘No!’ to Mascara


Note! The last thing you want is to get your specs dirty from mascara. While it will make your lashes look longer and thicker, never use the clumpy brush. Furthermore, if you still like to keep the mascara on, make sure it is in small quantities to add thickness. Don’t go for the length. Also, avoid using some on the lower lashes; it can directly focus on the under-eye.

So ditch the old mascara and bulky brushes. Keep it simple and plain. Moreover, old mascara products can leave residue on your lens; definitely not a look you would go for. And no one likes to clean their glasses every now and then. Also, you can switch to waterproof ones to prevent perspiration.

That would be all folks! Just because you wear specs doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on having trendy makeup looks. Off-course by wearing the right pair of glasses you are anyway creating an intellectual air as well, even if you’ve majored in leisure studies. In addition, try out these fun and unique Makeup Tips for Girls who wear Glasses. These will not only help you create new fashionable looks but will ensure that you have fun, inspiring, and vibrant looks that doesn’t mess with your specs. Do stay tuned to the GetBodyCare.com blog to learn more such skin and makeup tips to up your beauty quotient!

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