7 Underarms Hacks Every Girl Should Know

No girl likes to have sweaty underarm patches on her favorite outfit. Not only does it spoil the overall look, but it also ruins the fabric of the outfit. With the ranging climate, this can become a bigger challenge in summers. The best way to avoid sweat patches or stubbles is to follow these underarms hacks for girls. Here we have 7 Underarms Hacks Every Girl Should Know:

Wearing Cotton

If you have tops and shirts made from materials like polyester and rayon, then limit wearing them out. Rather shift to more absorbent and comfortable cotton alternatives. The synthetic materials tend to trap the sweat, which causes the odor and smell. On the other hand, cotton helps your skin breathe through the fabric.

Using Wipes

You must use wipes to feel your face and body clean. Whether you have dry or wet wipes, they are a part of our next underarms hacks for girls. Use the wipes to clean your underarms, this will keep you smelling fresh and sweat at bay. Moreover, it will also ensure that your clothes and dresses stay stain-free!

Get some Antiperspirants


Antiperspirants are better options to use for underarms, rather than deodorants. It blocks the sweat glands, which hinders the growth of bacteria. This prevents smelling and odor. However, you will have to ensure that you wash the underarms at the end of the day after performing these underarms hacks for girls.

Exfoliating for Smoothness

Exfoliation doesn’t just work on your face skin. It can also be used on the underarms to get smoother and even-toned skin. You can pick your favorite gentle exfoliator for this next Underarms Hacks Every Girl Should Know. Make sure it is according to your skin type. Use this twice a week at least to get the best results.

Laser Hair Reduction?

underarms hacks laser hair reduction

If you are still confused about whether Laser Hair Removal would be a smart choice, then yes you can get it done. This way you can skip over the hassle of getting the hairs shaved or the pain of getting them waxed. It is a long-term and efficient solution for underarm hair growth.

Cover Up!

We all love wearing those sleeveless tops during the summers. However, experts stand against this. They recommend either you should pop-on a shrug on it or reduce wearing these tops out. This is because UV rays can have a deteriorating effect on your gentle underarm skin. Wearing sleeved tops will protect it from direct impact.

Lemon Juice Hack


The best natural underarms hacks for girls would be using lemon juice! This is not a tip for application on your skin. Rather this tip is used to remove the sweaty stains from your clothes. Take 1tbsp of lemon juice and add equal parts of water to it. Pour this on the stained area and rub the stain off. Now, wash the rest normally and hang to dry! Lemons are highly acidic and get rid of dead cells. Their bleaching properties also lighten underarms.

You don’t have to worry about hiding your underarms if you have a darker skin tone or even tan. These were all the 7 Underarms Hacks Every Girl Should Know. Follow these amazing underarm tips for girls and get away with underarm sweating or discoloration!

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