9 Tips and Tricks to Get Perfect Seductive Eyes At Home

Wondering how to get the perfect Seductive Eyes at home? You won’t have to spend extra on products and professional support. All you need is to follow these 9 Makeup Tips to get the desired looks!

1. Formal & Chic Seductive Eyes


If you think nothing can get more seductive and sexy as the color ‘Red’, then this is the best makeup hack for you! Put on the glamorous red lipstick and pair it with a slight smoky red-black eyeshadow. Make sure you blend the colors and add lashes-liner, to create a seamless look. Top the makeup look with some thick brows, a bronze highlighter, and a high ponytail.

Or you can be simple, no nonsense formal chic of the town. Sometimes to create a seductive look, you don’t have to do anything over the top with your makeup. If you have a sexy and blingy outfit, then tone down your face makeup by applying some neutral eyeshadow with a winged eyeliner. You can use peach, orange, pink, or other bright shades for the eye makeup. Adding lashes to this mix is totally your choice. Add a pop of color by adding pink lipstick.

2. Try some Burgundy for Seductive Eyes

Dark purple and Burgundy make the perfect combination for getting an alluring seductive look. Put on a dark shade lipstick, in either of these shades, on the lips. For the eyes, you can blend the similar darker shades to create a messy but smoky look. Contour for a high cheekbone and put some highlighter on the nose. Whether it is for a date night or party, this is a great high-end look.

3. Orange Popsicle


If orange is your favorite color, then you need just that for this best makeup hack. Not many people know that orange can be used to inspire and create a sexy and ethereal look. Apply orange eyeshadow on the upper lid; you can also use a little on the lower lid. Complete this look by adding nude-peach lipstick and cheek contour. You can skip on the lashes and add a thin eyeliner.

4. Golden with Orange

Gold is a distinct shade that not everyone can pull off. It not only needs a fun personality but also creativity to make the best of this color. Earthy and understated looks are always on-trend. Adding golden eyeshadow makeup the upper lid and inner core. Apply a combination of orange and brown on the outer upper lid and line the lower lid as well. Add a thin eyeliner, curl the lashes, and wear some faux lashes if you like.


Playing with colors is one of the best ways to pair golden eyeshadow. You can blend the eyeshadow to create a unique color with thick eyeliner. Pair this with a bright lipstick shade of your choice. The best part about this look is that it goes great will all skin tones and can be worn with different outfits.

5. Party Makeup with Golden Eyeshadow

If you are planning on having an over-the-top party with friends, then this is the best golden makeup look. You will have to do is to cover your cheekbones and side of the face with the same golden shadow. Add some pink to the inner part of the eyes. You can leave the eyeliner and mascara if you like. However, adding these elements will uplift the overall look.

6. Try other variations with Golden Eyeshadow For Seductive Eyes

This is very similar to the previous look. However as you know, Gold is a funky, fun, and unique eyeshadow color. So you can try your own golden eyeshadow variations to get your unique look. Like:


Pale Golden: This simple look can be a bit bold if you pair it with the right outfit and hairdo. For this golden eyeshadow makeup, start by covering the upper lid with the golden eyeshadow. You will also have to apply the same below the eyes. Avoid using mascara or eyeliner with this edgy look. You can curl the lashes to give them volume.

Winged Liner: Having simple looks with golden eyeshadow can be a challenge. What you can do is apply a little amount of the eyeshadow to the center of your top lid. Pair this with a thin/ thick eyeliner and lashes. Complete this simple look by applying a little highlighter below the brows.

Angelic Halo: All you need to get this golden makeup look is golden eyeshadow and black eyeliner. Cover your upper eyelid with golden eyeshadow; you can also add a white shadow on the inner core. Complete the look with a cat-eye liner; continue the line on the lower lash as well. High brows will look the best with this idea.

If you have left the golden eyeshadow untouched in your palette, then give one of these looks a shot. You might end up creating something amazing!

7. Shimmer-up Girl!

Like wearing shimmer makeup products? Then these makeup tips have got something special for you! You can get the best “Red Carpet” looks by using shimmer eyeshadows. Use gold, silver, purple, or rose gold shimmer shadow on the eyelid with a little black or brown matte eyeshadow. But! To add drama, you can use a liner to apply a thin line on the top and lower eyelids.

8. Lavender Trouble


This dramatic but best makeup hack will definitely uplift your normal makeup without going over the top. The bright purple and white eyeshadows will ensure that you get the perfect seductive look! Use minimal eyeliner and no mascara. You can also add some contact lenses and shape the brows to get a cleaner look.

9. Go Diva Style For Seductive Eyes!

We all love the simple but striking makeup style of the Kardashian’s & Jenner’s. For this amazing look, you just need the neutrals to form your palette. Use a lighter shade for the upper lid and underline the eyes with a darker eyeshadow. Throw in some nude lipstick and contour/ highlight will do the rest!


That was the last of our 9 unique makeup tips to get the most refined seductive makeup look at home! You can wear these to parties, formal dinners, get together, and event dates. Try some of these yourself and create new inspiring looks for your upcoming events. And do stay tuned to the GetBodyCare.com blog to learn more such skin and makeup tips to up your beauty quotient!

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