How to Get Rid of Bra Strap Marks Naturally?

Whether you are planning on wearing a backless dress or an off-shoulder top, it is hard to hide the annoying marks from bra straps. And wearing a normal bra on such special outfits can spoil the final look. How to get out of this situation? No worries, there are various easy hacks to remove bra strap marks. Without the requirement of cosmetic treatments, here are 7 natural ways to get rid of bra strap marks:

Bra Size

The first step in removing bra strap marks is to ensure that you are wearing the correct size. You can measure the size yourself or get an expert at the store to help you out. Wearing the right size will ensure that your skin has space to breathe, reducing the lines and marks. It also offers the right support to the body, giving you a better shape.

Yes Sunscreen!


Regardless of the season, make sure you apply sunscreen on the darkened skin every day. You can also apply a lightening cream instead of sunscreen. There are so many products available, you just have to pick the one that suits you the best. Over the weeks, the change in the skin tone will be noticeable.

Apply Milk Pack

Looking for natural and easy hacks to remove bra strap marks? Then consider using this tip. Mix milk with almond oil in equal quantities. Apply this mix to the affected area and gently massage. Cover the region with a towel for drying. Wash the mix with warm water after 10mins. Do not use soap or any other product for this.

Lemon & Curd Pack

Another natural way for removing bra strap marks is to apply a yogurt and lemon pack. Squeeze half lemon into 1tbsp curd and gram flour. You can add turmeric to the mix as well. Apply this paste to the affected regions and leave it till dry. Slowly scrub the pack off performing circular motions with your hands.

Conceal, Don’t Feel!

bra strap marks remove

If you don’t have time to try either of the above-mentioned hacks, then the best option for you is to go with the good-old concealer. You can also use foundation instead. Just apply the product to the affected regions and blend it properly. Use a setting spray or powder to avoid any smudges.

Oil Massage

bra strap marks remove massage

Massages are not just relaxing but have various other benefits as well. Use almond or olive oil to massage affected skin daily. This will not only remove the bra strap marks but will also make your skin look healthier and nourished. Moreover, you can also mix essential oils of your choice before starting the massage.

Choose Strapless


Take the burden off your shoulder by using strapless bras. If you are already having strap marks and are treating it in some way, then the best thing to do is to let the skin rest. By wearing a strapless bra, you will have the support you need while the shoulders will receive ample rejuvenation period.

The worst part about wearing a normal bra is not the discomfort or the tightness. It is the gashed strap marks that one gets after wearing the bra for a whole day! While there are so many ways of removing bra strap marks, these were 7 natural ways to get rid of bra strap marks!

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