How to Layer Perfume & Lotion the Right Way Without Overdoing It?

Smell Good, Feel Good. This is a quick phrase that everyone likes to apply in their real life. We all love applying fragrant moisturizers and perfumes after dressing up for an occasion. However, layering perfume and lotion rightly is important. This is why here we have 7 ways to layer perfume and lotion:

Long-Lasting Results

Layering” is not as difficult as it sounds. This is a fairly easy routine that everyone should follow in their daily lives. All you have to do is use your favorite nourishing lotion before you spray on perfume. This will help in retaining the fragrance of the spray for a longer duration.

Always Lotion First


Remember: you will always apply the moisturizer before applying the perfume. After taking a shower, apply a generous amount of lotion to your body. This acts as the perfect base for spritzing perfume. Moreover, the sweet smell of the body lotion will also work on enhancing the fragrance of the perfume.

Myth-buster: Not Intensifying


Many people think that mixing the flavors of both products can leave an overwhelming smell behind. However, this is not the truth. Rather choosing the right fragrance and flavor can help in providing the perfect balance. It will complement each other perfectly, giving out a sweet smell.

Play with Fragrances


Layering perfume and lotion is all about mixing and matching different fragrances. Check the dominant note of the perfume, which is generally mentioned on the bottle or case. This will help you pick the best undertone or lotion. For instance, if the perfume is musky then add some floral moisturizer with it.

Use Similar Scents

If you don’t like playing with fragrances, then you could always pair similar flavors to get the best results. For this, choose your favorite fragrance and apply the products of the same flavor. Or you can also use products that have similar undertones, this will pair up perfectly!

Using a Set

Nowadays, many brands have come up with a range of perfume and lotion sets. These can be used for layering as per requirements. They are paired keeping in mind the perfect blend and combination by experts. It’s not necessary to use the same set; you can also pair different sets together to create your own scent.

Know the Flavors

perfume & lotion check

While some mixing fragrances deliver great results, some combinations can be a disaster. You should experiment and know which blend gives the best results for a particular occasion. This will help you skip the hassle of redoing the layering process multiple times.

Layering perfume and lotion is a common trend among many people. It is a fun way to ensure that you retain the sweet fragrance for longer. We have covered the dos and don’ts of using and layering the products. Follow these 7 ways to layer perfume and lotion to get the best results for your daily routine.

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