How to pick the best Lipstick for Your Skin Tone?

Choosing one shade of lipstick can be a very difficult decision for any makeup-loving lady. You must have experienced the dilemma of ‘which is the best?’ while walking around the makeup aisle in a store. The best way to pick a lipstick that looks flawless on you is by considering your skin tone. Beauty experts like Emceebeauty would even go to the extent to say that “not matching your lipstick shade to your skin tone can be a serious fashion faux pas”. If you are wondering how to pick the best lipstick for your skin tone, then keep reading to find out!

Dark Lipstick


Lip color is equally important as the skin tone in picking the best lipstick shade. However, when we talk about the trend-setting Dark lipsticks, then there are no limitations. Women with light lip/ skin color will find these shades flattering on their faces. While some brown or violet shades will do great for the darker skin tones.

Nude Lipstick


Nude lipsticks are the best lipstick colors for all types of skin tones. From pink to peach and orange, these are available in varying shades. This variety makes it possible to be paired with different face makeup ideas, skin tones, and looks. They will not only make your lips pop but also provide them with a defined shape. Moreover, these can also be used as highlight colors on other lipstick shades.

Bright Lipstick

beautiful make up of bright lips

Whether it is pink or orange, not everyone can pull off the bright lipstick shades. While these are hard to pair, having one of these can complete your set. These are the best shades for women with slight neutral undertones and medium skin color. Women with dark skin tones and warmer undertones can also wear these. These colors, when chosen wisely, can create some amazing looks.

Red Lipstick

Woman applying lipstick. Bright color.

Red lipstick shades are used to create some of the most iconic makeup looks. Although, this is not the best shade for every skin tone. If you have a wheatish or bronzy skin tone, then this is your true “Soul Mate”. Also, women with white and pale skin tone can pull the “Snow White” look with these. Got the same skin tone? Then don’t forget to play around with browns and burgundy as well!

Purple Lipstick

Fashion, bizarre. Woman with purple lipstick

Purple is certainly not a color for all skin types and colors. However, this can look amazing on cool skin tones; try the blue-based purple lipstick. You can play around with the different shades of the color, it will create the same ‘Wow’ effect. Slightly red-based purple lipstick is great for warmer skin tones. While metallic and plum shade ones go great with golden undertones.

Pink Lipstick


Offering a chic Brittany Spears-vibe, Pink is literally the girliest color that has ever existed. From 90s romantic looks to Barbie doll looks, pink has surpassed all colors. Thinking about which is the best lipstick shade for warm skin tones? Then whether you are going for a classy look or getting ready for a party, this color will glam-up all your looks in a jiffy!

Burgundy Lipsticks


This is the perfect shade for any woman. No matter whether you have a warm or cool skin tone, these will fit your style perfectly. Moreover, these go great with pink or white undertones. Women with medium skin tone must go for the maroon-based burgundy shades. Since these are available in various colors, you can choose the best lipstick colors from the wide range!

Whether you have a light or dark skin tone, there is always a lipstick shade that goes with your color. These are the 7 the best lipstick for your skin tone and undertone. If you know everything about your skin color and shade, then try these shades accordingly! Do stay tuned to the blog to learn more such skin and makeup tips to up your beauty quotient!

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