How to take care of Skin in Dry winter, winter skincare hacks

Winters are not just harsh weather for the environment. They also have a damaging effect on the human skin. It can make the skin look dry and chapped. Need some skincare tips for winter? Then here are a few winter skincare hacks for you to follow and get soft skin!

Moisturizing Frequently


Yes, we apply moisturizer after a bath and before going to bed. But! This is not enough for winters. Your skin needs more attention. To get the best moisturizing results, pick an oil-based cream for the colder months. These lotions create a protective layer on the skin that traps the moisture inside, keeping the skin healthy and glowing. A friendly winter skincare tip: get night creams, they are mostly oil-based.

Use a Humidifier

Moisture is the most important factor in keeping the skin nourished during winters. For the next winter skincare tips for winter, you will have to go shopping for a good-quality humidifier. Use this at your home or in the office. The moisture released from these will help you keep the skin hydrated. When used with essential oils, it can also help in alleviating stress and other problems.

Special Hand Care

Unlike most other body parts, the skin on the hands is quite thin. This means it contains lesser oil glands. Therefore, keeping the arms nourished in winters can be a major problem. To protect your palms, make sure you wear gloves before heading out. If you don’t like the itchiness caused by woolen gloves, then add a layer of the cotton glove before wearing them.

Shower Time

winter skin care shower

Taking longer showers during the colder season can dehydrate the body quicker. It is recommended by experts that you take a bath from lukewarm water. You should also complete the bath from 5-10 mins. Using hot water for longer durations can make your skin turn red and cause temporary inflammation. Cold or normal water temperature is best for keeping the skin healthy.

Do not use Wet Apparel

Whether it is your favorite jacket or comfy socks, you must avoid wearing these out if they are wet. Having wet gloves or socks can irritate the skin. This may cause sores, itchiness, and even cracking. It can also increase the chances of eczema, a common skin inflammation condition.

New Skin-Care Routine


For the next winter skincare hacks, plan out a new skincare routine for the colder months. Get yourself some toners, cream-based cleansers, and astringents. However do not use astringents frequently, keep it for “once a week” opportunities. Since these have alcohol content, they can make the skin looker dried and chapped. Always moisturize properly.

Care for Lips

lips skin care

The last winter skincare tip is to take special care of the lips. Just like palms, lip skin can easily get damaged from harsh weather. Use petroleum jelly or any other moisturizing balm to keep the lips nourished. It will also help in healing cracked or dry lips.

Winter can be challenging weather for the skin, which is not much different than other months. However, by taking the right steps and following the best winter skincare hacks, you can help in keeping your skin lively and nourished. Try out some of these amazing skincare tips for winter yourself!

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