How to Treat Acne and Pimples with Ayurveda?

One of the commonest and most ‘temperamental’ skin problems is Acne. After trying every treatment and product for this issue, it is time to go natural! Ayurveda, a medicinal practice that uses natural elements to cure ailments, is the best option. If you are wondering ‘how to treat acne and pimples with Ayurveda’, then here are 7 Ayurvedic Acne treatment ideas for you to try:

Neem Face Pack

Medicinal Neem leaves in mortar and pestle with neem paste on white background

From Ancient India, Neem is known for its anti-bacterial and herbal properties. Get Neem powder and mix it with water to create a consistent paste. Now apply this on your face and other affected areas. Leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. This paste will reduce the occurrence of acne and level the skin tone. Studies have proven that regular use of Neem oil on the face is an excellent long-term acne treatment.

Gooseberry for Vitamin-C

Green gooseberries in a wooden bowl

Vitamin-C is a proven way of providing anti-oxidants to the body. This means that consuming it will lower the formation of acne on the face and other body parts. One of the best sources of this vitamin is Indian Gooseberry or Amla! By drinking Amla juice regularly, in small quantities, you can treat pimples and acne easily!

Raisins or Dry Grapes

raisin or currant in bowl

Not many people know, but Raisins are known for being natural blood purifiers and cooling agents. For this Ayurvedic Acne treatment, you need to take 30-40 raisins and soak them in water. Leave them overnight. Next morning, take the raisins, mash them into a paste, and consume it on empty stomach. Repeat this daily for 2-3 months.


A herb with anti-fungal properties, what could treat pimples and acne better? For this hack, take a few Tulsi and Neem Leaves, grind them into a paste. Now add 1tsp lemon juice to create a paste. Apply and leave till it dries. Wash off the paste with water. This will exfoliate the skin to remove all the dirt and impurities. You can also read Make Your Own Tulsi Oil Infusion for Hair care and face mask!.

A Herbal Mix


For this next idea, you need gooseberry, fennel, turmeric, coriander seeds, and basil in equal parts. Mix these together to create a powder. Take half teaspoon of it, before eating lunch and dinner, with hot water. This will give you an anti-oxidant boost and remove all the inflammation in the skin.

Papaya Face Mask

This is another off-beat Ayurvedic acne and pimple remedy. Create a paste from papaya by mixing it with regular or rose water. Now wash your face with water, pat dry, and apply the paste. Leave this face mask for at least 20 minutes before washing with warm water. To get the best results, repeat the process daily.


Watermelons are packed with antioxidants, which help in healing the damaged cells and skin regeneration. While you can create a pulpy paste or application, consuming these will give similar results. The fruit increases nitric oxide production in the body, which cleans the body from the inside.

These were all the Ayurvedic Acne treatment ideas for you. Rather than using chemical-laden products, you should try to eat nutritious items and practice a healthy routine. Following these 7 ways to treat pimples and acne will get your face spotless within a few months!

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